Gum disease accounts for 90 percent of all tooth loss. This is a staggering figure!

It is even more amazing when you consider that gum disease is almost entirely preventable. Gum disease is no longer a mystery, it is well understood and treating it can be very predictable. Seeing one of our hygienists regularly can greatly reduce your chances of losing teeth from gum disease.

Our team of hygienists use special techniques and instruments and are experts at removing hard to get, deep build-up.

If not removed thoroughly, this deep build up dissolves the bone support away around your teeth causing them to become loose. Our hygienists will also polish your teeth to get them to look as white as possible.

Recently it has been discovered that people with gum disease are also more likely to suffer with heart disease and stroke and are more likely to develop diabetes as well.


“ I just wanted to say how happy I am with the bridge…. I can’t believe it’s not original. Your skill and patience is much appreciated as always… ”

Paul S.

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